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Vary (Variation, Variation Order, Change Order)

To change an existing Order.


A verdict is the judge or jury's decision (or finding) of a case. In criminal cases, the jury’s verdict must be unanimous.


The victim is an individual who suffers physical or mental injury, or economic loss as a result of a crime.

Victim Impact Statement

A Victim Impact Statement is a written account of the personal harm suffered by a victim of crime. In some cases, the statement may be read by the victim in person or on video. The statement may include a description of the physical, financial and emotional effects of the crime. Where victim impact information has been presented, it must be taken into consideration by the judge or parole board.

Voir Dire

A voir dire is a trial within a trial. It is a hering held, without the presence of the jury, to determine whether an issue of fact or law would be admissible. For example, a voir dire may be used in order to decide whether certain aspects of an expert witness' testimony will be allowed.