Juries and Employment

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What Do I Tell my Employer?

Your employer must provide you with unpaid leave or time off to participate in the jury selection process and to serve as a juror. You cannot be terminated for serving as a juror. An employer must have your written consent to make any changes to your conditions of employment while you are serving as a juror. During your time away from work for jury selection or to serve as a juror, you must continue to receive standard calculations for vacation, salary increases, pensions, medical, and other benefit plan entitlements.

If you are on employment insurance, you will continue to receive these benefits while you are attending jury selection or serving as a juror.


Do I Get Paid to be a Juror?

Jurors are entitled to be paid for each day they are required to attend a trial. These reimbursements apply only to those who have been selected to serve on the jury, not those who were summoned for jury selection but were not selected as jurors.

Jurors are entitled to $20/day for the first ten (10) days of trial, $60/day for the 11th to 49th days of trial, and $100/day for the 50th day of trial until completion of the trial.

Jurors are also entitled to an allowance for certain expenses if they provide a receipt. Parking costs can be reimbursed up to $20/day. If a juror must travel more than 32 kilometres to the courthouse in their own vehicle, they are entitled to mileage at the government rate. If a juror must take a taxi to the courthouse, they are entitled to up to $15/day for travel or $10/day for public transportation. Jurors can receive up to $50/day in childcare costs as long as it is proven that the childcare was required to attend the trial and would not have been otherwise provided. 

During the trial, jurors must bring their own meals. When the jury is sequestered to decide their verdict, the sheriff will provide meals and accommodations if needed.

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