You will find commonly used legal terms in this glossary. You can click on the letter to jump to the words that begin with that letter or scroll down the page.



The rules made by the government or courts that govern society and give rights and obligations to people

Leading question

Type of question asked to a witness by a party that suggests or contains the answer that the party wants the witness to give and can usually be answered with a “yes” or a “no.”

Leave of the Court

The court's permission to proceed with certain types of applications or to proceed in a certain way.


Type of law made by the government; statutes and regulations.


When someone has an obligation to do something or to not do something under the law.


When the law says that someone is responsible to another person for a loss or injury to that person, because of something they did or did not do.


A false and malicious published statement that damages someone's reputation. Libel can include pictures and any other representations that have public or permanent form.


A party in a lawsuit.