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Money paid as child support or as spousal support

Malicious Prosecution

A prosecution begun in malice without probable cause to believe the charges can be sustained. Malice means the intentional doing of a wrongful act without just cause or excuse, with the intent to inflict harm or pain to another.


When something is required to be done.

Marriage License

A license you need for a legal marriage in Canada.


A master hears cases in Supreme Court. A master has the same powers as a judge to make interim or temporary orders for custody, access, guardianship and support, but cannot make final orders or divorce orders.


An attempt to solve a dispute by working with a third party (a Mediator) to help both sides reach an agreement.


A neutral person, with no decision-making power, who acts as a facilitator assisting the parties in communicating, especially by negotiation.

Mens Rea

From the Latin, guilty mind, mens rea indicates the intent to commit a criminal act. Mens rea (mental) must coexist with actus reus (physical), the doing of the criminal act.


Injury or damage caused by the actions of somebody or something.


A mistrial is a trial that ends without a final judgement, caused by a fundamental error. After a mistrial is declared, the trial must start again with the selection of a new jury if it is a jury case.


Reducing or limiting harm or a loss.

Municipal By-Law

A law passed by a municipal government.