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The seizing of a person's property, credit or salary, on the basis of a law which allows it, and for the purposes of paying off a debt. The person who possesses the assets of the debtor and is the subject of the seizure is called a garnishee. This is frequently used in the enforcement of child support where delinquent debtors will be subjected to salary garnishment.

Grounds for Divorce

The justification for a divorce. The sole ground for divorce is the breakdown of the marriage. The marriage may have broken down due to separation for not less than one year; adultery, or mental or physical cruelty.


The collection of rights and responsibilities a guardian has towards a child. A guardian makes day-to-day decisions over a child’s care and upbringing. Under the Family Law Act, only guardians can have parenting responsibilities and parenting time.


A person found guilty of a criminal charge, either as a result of an acknowledgment of it by pleading guilty, or as a result of a trial at which the accused was found guilty of the offence changed.