Rules of Court

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Supreme Court Family Rules govern the conduct of family law cases in the BC Supreme Court. They are a road map for steering your case through trial and beyond. The rules are very important because they provide guidelines for each step in the litigation process and also set time limits for when certain steps must be completed. You can find answers to many of your questions about the litigation process by referring to these rules.


Court Forms

Almost everything that happens in court needs to be documented. As a case moves forward, there are a series of court forms that need to be completed, signed and submitted to the court. For example, to apply for a divorce, you need to file a Notice of Family Claim in Form 3.

Find the Form

Fillable versions of BC Supreme Court Family Forms are available from the Government of BC website. If you and your former spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, you can complete the online forms for a Joint Divorce.

Court Fees

There are a range of fees that need to be paid in order for your case to move forward. For example, there are filing fees for submitting various court forms. The court rules also set out the fees payable to the Crown (on behalf of the court), to the sheriff, and to witnesses. Fees are contained in Appendix C of the Supreme Court Family Rules.

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