Jury Trials

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Jury Trials

In an action started with a notice of civil claim, any party can choose to have the trial heard by a judge and jury, except in certain cases. The rules set out certain matters that cannot be heard by a jury (see Rule 12-6(2)). Jury trials are not common in civil matters, and they are far more complicated than trials without a jury. Jury trials are not available in fast track litigation. For more information see Fast Track Litigation.

Jury trials tend to take longer than trials by judge alone and require that you pay additional costs to the court for the jury. If you are considering a jury, you should get advice from a lawyer about whether this is an appropriate option for your case. See Get Help

If you choose to have a jury trial, review Rule 12-6 (3) which sets out how you tell the court and the other parties that you want a jury trial. 

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