How to Address Judges and Court Staff

Last Reviewed: April 2022 Reviewed by: JES Download

The ways to address members and staff of the court are described below. Although they may seem awkward, addressing a judge or a master correctly will help you present your case in court. 


Supreme Court Judges

  • In court, refer to the judge as “Justice Last-name”. For example, Justice Brown.
  • In writing, refer to a judge of the Supreme Court as “The Honourable Mr./Madam Justice”, followed by his/her last name (e.g. The Honourable Mr. Justice Brown).



  • In court, address a master as “Your Honour.”
  • In writing, refer to master as “Master”, followed by his or her last name (e.g., Master White).



  • In court, refer to the Registrar as “Mr. Registrar”, or “Madam Registrar.”

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