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Family Law

In BC, both the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court hear family law cases. The Supreme Court hears cases involving divorce, adoption, and the division of family property. It also hears cases involving parenting arrangements resulting from a separation.

Child protection matters must be heard in Provincial Court. If a case involves guardianship, parenting time, or child support, these matters can be heard in either court.

If you and your spouse agree on issues relating to the separation, you can get a divorce without going to court. Even though disagreements are common, very few family cases go as far as a trial. The large majority of family disputes get resolved by an agreement between the parties – often with the assistance of mediation.

Across BC, a network of Family Justice Counsellors provide free support to help couples reach agreement regarding parenting arrangements, child support and other family matters.

To learn more about your family law matter, selection one of the options on this page.

Family Resources

The Justice Education Society, Legal Services Society, the BC Ministry of Justice and other agencies have published a range of information to help couples deal with family law issues.

Select the family matter that best applies to your situation.

Divorce & Separation
Discover resources and information about where you can go to get help with your divorce or separation – including information on the new Family Law Act.

Parenting After Separation
Learn about workshops and resources that help parents make decisions that are in the best interests of their children.

Child Support
Get the information you need to help ensure your children receive the support they need. Access the federal child support guidelines and look up calculator.

Spousal Support

Family Violence

Child Protection