Should You Make an Application?

Last Reviewed: April 2022 Reviewed by: JES Download

If you think you have a problem in your case that could be resolved by a court order and you have been unable to agree with the other party on how to resolve it, you may need to make an application to court.

Your application will be heard by a judge or master. Before you submit an application to the court, take these steps:

  • Know that the problem you’re trying to solve is one that can be resolved by an application
  • Understand the law and the rules governing your application
  • Follow all the rules and meet all the deadlines governing applications
  • Complete the correct documents
  • Be prepared to argue your application before a judge or a master

Remember that preparing for and attending at a chambers application will cost you time and money. First, try to resolve the problem without resorting to a court application.

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