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Court Tips for Parents

Representing Yourself in Supreme Court
If you are going to Supreme Court to change or vary a child support order, then you know that a judge is going to be making a decision that will significantly impact you and your family.

It's very important that you are properly prepared to present your case. These instructional videos are designed for parents who may be:

  • Making an application in Supreme Court Chambers to vary or change a child support order
  • Opposing an application to vary or change a child support order

Chambers is just a courtroom where evidence is provided in writing (called affidavits) rather than orally. A large part of preparing for a Chambers application is organizing and presenting the evidence that the judge or master will consider when he or she decides whether to grant the order you request in the application (called a notice of motion).

Chambers applications are intended to be brief (there are additional requirements for Chambers applications that are estimated to take more than 30 minutes). You need to be pretty much on the mark about the content of your presentation and your timing.

Presenting Your Case in Chambers
This introductory video provides a judicial perspective on how to present an effective case in family matters in Supreme Court chambers.

Putting Your Best Case Forward
This video deals with what constitues relevant factual information, and what you should and should not include to present your best case possible.

What to Expect from the Chambers Process
This video suggests that one should consider whether an application is worth the expense, and discusses some facets of what one might experience in chambers.

Changing a Child Support Order
This video presents information on what child support is, relevant circumstances which may warrant variations in child support orders, and where you can access additional information.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Family Matters
This video presents information on principles that judges follow in cases involving children, and how parents should keep in mind the best interests of their children.

What to Expect the Day of the Hearing
This video provides advice and answers procedural information which will assist you on the day of your hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chambers
This two-part video answers general questions regarding chambers and questions about what to expect on the day of the hearing.