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Family Law & You

Family Law and You: Representing Yourself in BC Supreme Court, is a series of four videos that assist people representing themselves in Supreme Court cases. These cases can include divorce, custody, access, guardianship and/or child support matters. Video topics include Finding Legal Information as well as Filling Out and Filing Legal Forms.

Finding Legal Information

0:00 - Introduction
1:56 - Why people go through the legal process on their own
3:20 - Why people end up in Supreme Court vs Provincial Court
4:28 - What resources are available for lean ring about the process
5:12 - Vignette - The experience of Gwenn Keller
8:50 - Reactions from panelists - What's good about the resource center
9:35 - Resources for those not in Vancouver
10:20 - Mindset needed to approach self–representation / Time needed / Steps to expect

Getting Legal Advice

0:00 - Alternatives to the court route
0:49 - Difference between legal information and advice
1:48 - Where to get legal advice
3:16 - Vignette – Taking advantage of a duty counsel – free legal advice/self help kits
7:01 - Alternatives to meeting with a lawyer / Law Line Lawyer
7:50 - Other options free and not-free
9:45 - Good idea to get some professional legal advice
10:18 - Where do you get info on finding legal advice?
10:43 - What are the differences when looking for specific advice?

Attending a Judicial Case Conference

0:00 - Intro to Judicial Case Conferences
2:20 - Vignette – Gwenn goes to a Judicial Case Conference (JCC)
5:05 - Back to panel – More on Judicial Case Conference (JCC)

Filling Out and Filing Legal Forms

0:00 - Preparing for a JCC
4:00 - Vignette – Gwenn filing forms at Court Registry
6:43 - Back to panel – What happens after filing your documents
7:45 - Continuing with the process
10:54 - Credits