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Alternatives to Going to Court
Going to trial to have a judge hear evidence and make a decision is one of the slowest and most expensive ways of resolving a dispute. As such, you may want to consider other methods of dispute resolution. This guidebook gives you an overview of dispute resolution alternatives, including: negotiation, mediation, neutral evaluation, and arbitration.

Overview of the Civil Litigation Process
This guidebook gives you an overview of the different levels of courts in BC, as well as an overview of the civil litigation process. You should also read the guidebook, Alternatives to Going to Court, because it may be possible for you to resolve your legal dispute without going to court.

A Guide to a Successful Interview with a Lawyer
This guidebook describes four steps to take before you meet with a lawyer. Whether you are paying for your lawyer or receiving free legal advice, it helps to be prepared to make the best use of the time you spend with your lawyer.